Nyt i 8.5.3: view.postScript

Med denne ‘event’ kan du kører Client Side JavaScript efter Server Side JavaScript har kørt. Eksempel fra OpenNTF Snippets: Display Client-Side alert if Server-Side validation fails

<xp:label id="label1">
 <xp:this.value><![CDATA[#{javascript:/** If there are any messages for this request, run the client-side JavaScript after the viewRoot response is completed **/
 var x="alert('THE DOCUMENT WAS NOT SAVED.\\n\\nAll required fields were not completed or they do not contain valid data.\\n\\nPlease review the fields and correct any errors.');";

Ovenstående stump kode vil fint kunne løse dette problem -> http://xpages.dk/?p=297 mht.  Service Side Validation og Partial Update

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