Log File Reader 2.0

Så er Log File Reader 2.0 netop frigivet på OpenNTF.og kan downloades her

New features in 2.0

  • Can read any text file on the server
  • Files can be downloaded on the client
  • Better file browser (files are sorted by date)
  • Browse all .jar files in the Ext folder on the server – or download them for closer inspection
  • Improved UI (wider screen, easier scrolling)
  • Custom filters: e.g. highlight error/warning messages or hide the time/dates
  • Better security. The default Log File Reader can be used by Anonymous users – but restricted files can only be viewed by Administrators & Developers specified on the server document in the Domino directory
  • You can customize the Log File Reader by editing the Config.xml file
  • Add more files
  • Use a custom xlst file to transform xml files to more readable html
  • Specify file encoding, e.g. utf-8 to support other languages
  • Define your own filters
Release 2.5 (soon)
  • Can read any nsf file, e.g. the OpenNTF log file or your own custom log file